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I’m currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institute working with Torkel Klingberg in his cool and dynamic lab. Here you can find out about my education and experience in academia, my publications, and my address and contact. Below, you can also learn more about my interests and journey.  And the end of my website has some of my favorite quotes that I’ve been collecting since college. Enjoy!

My scientific and philosophical interests are vast, but my current research interest is the plasticity and enhancement of higher cognitive abilities. Given the importance of processes like working memory to individuals and modern societies, I believe my field will change the world. With a potentially small to moderate impact during my lifetime, and indisputably large outcomes in future generations. In addition to practical applications, this scientific field dives into the intricate interplay between nature (at least hundreds of protein-coding genes and regulatory DNA regions) and nurture (at least hundreds of social, cultural, parental, dietary, pathological, and technological factors), and how those factors shape the most complex structure currently known in the universe (the vertebrate brain) at its recently evolved regions and connections (the prefrontal cortex and its fibers to-from the striatum and association areas) that implement bafflingly abstract information-organizing processes that make humans much more… human. So, my field has the additional blessing, and it is not an inconsiderable one, of being awesome!

I also love teaching, and I have enjoyed the whole range of my experiences so far: from working with seventh-graders to final-year university students. I believe in the uncontroversial view that teachers deserve much more recognition, and in the controversial view that all academics ought to teach as our reliable way to give back to society.

I consider myself privileged and lucky for the path I’ve traveled so far in my career, even though some parts were arduous. I’ve had advisors who were smart, helpful, and gave me a great deal of freedom. I have also had exceptionally inspiring teachers/professors, and I have met some amazing researchers and labmates along the way. It’s also great that my interests and career paths have aligned well over time, and regularly shape each other. I believe this is still the beginning of a long journey – wherever it may lead.